Frequently Asked Questions

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair means the hair is unaltered, untouched, and unprocessed.  The hair is which dye, perm, and relaxer free.

What does remy mean?

Remy or Full Cuticle Hair means the hair has healthy, intact cuticles which are all aligned in the same direction from the root to the tip.  This ensures the hair is tangle-free. Usually, remy hair is cut in a ponytail directly from a donor’s head.  Remy hair will be high quality hair that can last for many installs and various styles.

What is a weft?

A weft is the band  of string that holds the hair strands together.  All bundles are machine weft.  It is not ideal to cut the weft as the ends may fray and cause sheading.  It is acceptable to add a sealant to the wefts to prevent sheading or sew the ends of the weft after cutting.

Do you seal the wefts?

The hair will be 100% virgin and no additional products will not be added to the bundle.  Some people seal the wefts to prevent sheading of hair especially if the wefts are cut.

Why is there grey hair in my bundle?

Luxe Crown Hair is 100% virgin and is cut directly from a donor that grows the hair.  Sometimes this donor may be older with gray hair.  This hair is not sorted out of the bundle which also demonstrates the hair’s integrity of genuine hair.

How many packs will I need?

For a partial weave (where there is much natural hair left out) it is recommended for 2 bundles. For a full weave we recommend at least 3 bundles. When lengths over 18” are used, it is recommended to have 3-4 bundles of hair.  A general rule of thumb is the longer the hair length the shorter the track of hair will be.  Also, keep in mind the hairstyle determines the amount of hair you may need.

How much hair is in a bundle?

Virgin hair is collected and sewn on wefts in bundles.  Each bundle will weigh 3.5-4 oz. (100g)

Is my hair length true to size?

Yes, hair is measured from weft to tip.  For wavy or curly hair, the hair is pulled/stretched out to be measure.

Can I color/ dye my hair?

Yes the hair can be dyed or colored.  Being that this hair is virgin and is unprocessed it will take color well.  It is strongly recommended to have a professional process color on virgin hair to prevent damage.

Can I straighten my hair? Will my curls come back?

Yes hair can be straighten. The curly and wavy hair will go back to original curl type and pattern once wet.

How can I pay for my hair?

Payments are accepted and processed thru PayPal for the security and convenience of our buyers.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. If you pay with E-check please allow extra processing time as order will not ship until payment clears.

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

Directly after payment, hair enters a processing system and the order cannot be changed or cancelled.  

When will I receive my hair?

It takes 24 hours for payment to process.  All in stock items will ship 2-3 days.  Special orders or out of stock orders will ship in 3-10 days.